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Truly Devious

Truly Devious: A Mystery von Maureen Johnson

An atmospheric mystery with some serious Donna Tartt and E. Lockhart vibes.

Ellingham Academy, an exclusive private school in Vermont, was made for mystery. Founder Albert Ellingham had it built to have his own wonderland where “learning is a game” amidst hidden doors and secret pathways. But one night in 1936, Ellingham’s wife and daughter are abducted from the premises by the mysterious “Truly Devious”, making the school the setting of one of the world’s most famously infamous cold case.

In 2016, Stevie Bell, a True Crime enthusiast who has been obsessed with the Ellingham case for a long time, is admitted to the school. While Stevie is trying to figure out what happened in 1936, strange things start happening at Ellingham Academy again.

Truly Devious completely took me by surprise – I did not expect to become as invested in and fascinated by this as I did. The setting is marvellous and atmospheric, the cast of characters is both exaggerated and diverse, and the protagonist is relatable. But the best thing about this novel is definitely the mystery! Gripping with a darkly whimsical undertone.

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