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Perfidious Albion

Autor: Sam Byers

2018 - Faber & Faber

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<p><b><i>SHORTLISTED FOR THE RSL ENCORE PRIZE 2019</i></b><br><b><i>LONGLISTED FOR THE RSL ONDAATJE PRIZE 2019</i></b><br><b><i>LONGLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE FOR POLITICAL FICTION 2019</i></b></p><p>In Edmundsbury, a small town in east England, fear and loathing are on the rise. It is the near future; Brexit has happened and the ramifications are real. Grass-roots right-wing political party 'England Always' are fomenting hatred. The residents of a failing housing estate are being manipulatively cleared from their homes. A multinational tech company is making inroads into the infrastructure. Just as social tensions appear to reach crisis point, masked men begin a series of 'disruptions', threatening to make internet histories public, asking the townspeople '<i>what don't you want to share?'</i></p>

Werbliche Überschrift
<b><i>Perfidious Albion</i> is a novel that displays its imaginative richness and yet feels perilously on point - it is a <i>1984</i> for our times.</b>


<p>Sam Byers's writing has appeared in <i>Granta</i>, the<i> New York Times, The Spectator, </i>and <i>The Times Literary Supplement. </i>His debut novel, <i>Idiopathy</i> (2013) was included on the Waterstones 11 list of debut novels to watch out for; shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Prize and the Desmond Elliot Prize; and won a Betty Trask Award.</p><p>http://sambyers.co.uk/</p>


Titel: Perfidious Albion
Verlag: Faber & Faber
384 Seiten
ISBN-13: 978-0-571-33631-9

E-Book (EPUB)

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